Conn 10m from 1936 , rth and the lady face .
A little history to this sax , this sax was sold by ukhorns around 18months ago as a project horn .At some point one of the previous owners decided to strip the lacquer from this horn back to bear metal .The engraving is still visible but not crisp to the touch so obviously been buffed . The last owner purchased the horn as described and had his own tech work on the horn to get it to play to the playing condition it is today .The mechanics are straight and tight ,the body is free of dents and the body tube is straight also ,no damage to the neck .No reported major problems with the tone holes .Pads all seat nice . The sax plays great with out any issues . The last owner has reluctantly decided to px this lovely playing vintage 10m for a more modern horn that will suit the type of gigs that he is now playing .So thats the story .Its a fantastic sounding 10m with years of life left .Please feel free to get intouch .