The saxophone was invented by a Belgian instrument maker named Adolphe Sax. The sax first made its appearance at the beginning of the 1840s’, and  Adolphe Sax got the saxophone patented in 1846. Since then his invention has become into one the most popular musical instruments to date with over 11 million saxophones being played.

The four main and most popular saxophones of today are TENOR, ALTO, SOPRANO AND BARITONE.

Alto Saxophone 

The Alto sax is pitched in Eb, and is probably by large the first saxophone most players will begin their saxophone journey on. The size being a major feature. Ideal for smaller hands and the weight plays a major part in making the Alto the most accessible saxophone for beginners. 

Tenor Saxophone 

The tenor saxophone is pitched  in Bb and is bigger than the Alto and much heavier. Most Adults are more suited to this saxophone based on size and weight.  

Soprano Saxophone 

The soprano saxophone, like the tenor, is pitched in Bb and can be straight or curved. This sax is considered to be the hardest to master of the saxophone main four. Some players will progress onto the soprano after spending time with the other members of the saxophone family.

Baritone Saxophone 

The Baritone Saxophone, like the Alto, is pitched in Eb and is the biggest and heaviest of the four main saxophones. Again normally time with the Alto or Tenor saxophone will put you on the road to mastering this saxophone.